Innovative Leadership

In order to adapt to new changes, “the need for innovation in organizations has resulted in a new focus on the role of leaders in shaping the nature and success of creative efforts.” Without innovation leadership, organizations are likely to struggle. This new call for innovation represents the shift from the 20th century, traditional view of organizational practices, which discouraged employee innovative behaviors, to the 21st-century view of valuing innovative thinking as a “potentially powerful influence on organizational performance”.

Course: 030 Type: Workshop Duration: 2 Days

Delegate will Learn How To:

  • Develop methods in inspiring teams into generating creative new ideas
  • Develop the political competencies needed to become increasingly successful leaders.
  • Understand the effects of social networks on individuals and firms.
  • Help others find meaning at work and awaken their creative potential.
  • Increase self-awareness and become a more inspiring, authentic leader.
  • Establish new techniques in dealing with resistance and setbacks
  • Utilise thinking tools and technique to enhance your creativity
  • Develop a personal mission statement and development agenda - practice effective self-leadership.


Who should attend

Leaders, mangers and anyone aspiring to be in leadership position.

Course Benefits
  • The course is designed to endow leaders with necessary techniques required to develop your team in thinking differently. Executives must juggle deteriorating morale with fewer people, having to cope with greater responsibilities and higher workloads, as well as an increasingly complex business environment that constantly demands for more creative solutions.
  • The course provides answers to these fundamental issues by evaluating fresh perspectives on leadership and acquiring the tools and techniques needed to improve their own capabilities and those of the organization.
  • Innovative Leadership is an international executive program designed to assist you in finding answers to these fundamental issues by evaluating fresh perspectives on leadership and acquiring the tools and techniques needed to improve your own capabilities and those of your organization.
Workshop Course

Workshops provide you with practical experience developing your leadership skills and include:

  • Understanding Innovative leadership, Power and Influence in Organizations
  • Developing your leadership skills through coaching
  • Leveraging on built social capital within the organisation
  • Deciphering Sub – Cultures: Formal and informal networks within the organisation that may hinder/enhance innovation
  • Engaging Positive Psychology across board
  • Leveraging on your Strengths
  • Authentic Leadership through vision and mission
  • Leadership as a Relationship
  • Self Leadership
  • Summary and action plan.
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