Coaching Employees to Achieve Their Potential

Coaching employees to achieve their potential ultimately leads to an improve bottom line and a harmonious relationship across board.

Course: 015 Type: Workshop Duration: 2 Days

Delegate will Learn How To:

  • Unlock techniques for employees to discover potential and maximise their performance.
  • Harness coaching to forge collaborative relationships.
  • Structure a framework for mutually effective learning and development.
  • Develop the coaching skills, attitudes and behaviours to foster success at all levels.
  • Recognise and adapt to individual and situational differences.
  • Create a positive, supportive environment that generates commitment and enthusiasm.


Who should attend

Managers, new and experienced leaders or coaches, and anyone interested in helping others reach their potential.

Course Benefits

Successful organisations recognise that productivity is more than the mass delivery of product. To increase return on investment and boost productivity, your employees need to function at their very best. This course provides the coaching skills to develop the potential of your employees, peers and others. Through practical workshops and role-playing exercises, you enhance your leadership style with proven coaching techniques that provide a pathway to excellence for the entire organisation.

Course Benefits

Workshops, utilising role-play, self-assessment and group activities, include:

  • Establishing your coaching baseline.
  • Analysing your coaching mind-set.
  • Developing coaching questions.
  • Applying practical coaching techniques to real and simulated situations.
  • Utilising "coaching cards" to elicit individual needs and values.
  • Profiling your personal coaching styles.
  • Adapting your coaching style to individuals and situations.
  • Developing a personal blueprint for coaching excellence.
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