Negotiation Skills: Achieving Successful Outcomes

Maximise your negotiation power – secure win – win outcomes

Course: 022 Type: Workshop Duration: 3 Days

Delegate will Learn How To:

  • Conduct principled negotiations that result in wise agreements.
  • Incorporate a process approach into your negotiation skill set.
  • Formulate communication strategies based on various situations.
  • Develop a confident negotiating style to deflect "hardball" tactics.
  • Apply psychology principles to negotiate effectively.
  • Enhance your negotiation skills by applying best practices in a real-world setting.


Who should attend

This course is valuable for anyone responsible for negotiating the best possible terms of an agreement for their organisation or those who desire to sharpen their negotiating skills.

Through interactive simulations, you acquire a robust skill set of negotiation strategies and gain experience in:

  • Practising real-world negotiation scenarios.
  • Role-playing "hardball" techniques to develop principled responses.
  • Performing positional analysis with SWOT and Johari Window.
  • Identifying hidden agendas and taking action.
  • Timing the start and close of negotiations.
  • Effectively handling moves and turns.
  • Applying E.I. and M.I. knowledge for powerful outcomes.
  • Transferring lessons learned to a simulated real-world negotiation.
Course Benefits

Many interactions in a professional environment involve a series of negotiations whose outcome could be the difference between success and failure. In this course, you acquire the knowledge to develop sophisticated negotiating skills crucial to achieving the best possible terms of an agreement and building strong relationships. You gain experience through a dynamic learning environment of media-rich activities, practice sessions and in-depth, real-world simulations.

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