Software Testing Consultancy and Services

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1st Image Consultancy is a company providing unrivaled Software Test Consultancy across many sectors, including Finance,Insurance, Mobile, Internet, Legal and Retail.

Designing and adhering to an ideal test process is a considerable challenge for most organizations. Because software testing is typically performed inconsistently across an organization and often takes a back seat to other IT priorities.


Unfortunately, this often leads to cost and labour inefficiencies. It can also lead to potentially significant quality issues down the road.

We can help whether you need a long-term testing roadmap or detailed process improvements. Our proven methodologies, best practices and structured evaluation framework can help build a testing capability, fit for your business and able to accommodate your evolving needs through:

Our team of expert test consultants will work with key stakeholders throughout your organization, across all management levels and departments, to create a custom testing plan. This detailed roadmap will help you build an enterprise-level, centralized testing group that leverages standard processes to optimize resources. In addition, our test consultants will ensure that your enterprise test organization aligns with your IT strategy, advancing your business objectives.

We perform as little or as much of your testing activities as you choose.

You may prefer to have our experts Advise on Testing Best Practice or supply a full Testing Managed Service.