What are business support services? Quite simply, they give you the freedom to get back to running your business.

Today it is very easy to drown in red tape. Legislation, regulation, the demands of HR and IT - all of these can consume valuable time and energy, slowing your real work down. And that's just everyday life. If you want to develop and expand into new areas, things can get much more daunting.

That's where BDO's business support services come in.


Virtual Office

Why pay for expensive commercial or retail premises when a virtual office address can let you establish a business presence in the up-coming high brow area Lekki for a fraction of the price? 1st Image Office offers a prestigious registered business address in Lekki that can be used as your company address. Ideal for business start-ups, entrepreneurs, home office workers and all those who want the flexibility of a virtual office and the reputation of a Lagos business address.


Rental of Training Center

Designing and adhering to an ideal test process is a considerable challenge for most organizations. Because software testing is typically performed inconsistently across an organization and often takes a back seat to other IT priorities.


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